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Master the arts and nurture your creative flair with the College of Fine Arts and Production's degrees in theatre, dance, music, advertising design, digital design and digital film. As a student, you can experience the thrill of the stage during our critically acclaimed music, theatre or dance performances or bask in the splendor of your creative production and screenwriting efforts. Our collaborative, cross-disciplinary approach, small class sizes and expert faculty make Grand Canyon University (GCU) the ideal place for you to learn, rehearse and perform.

With more than a dozen fine arts degree programs in theatre, dance, music, advertising design, digital design and digital film, the College of Fine Arts and Production provides the perfect foundation for your artistic exploration. At GCU, you can expect a collegiate experience enriched with opportunities to perform and learn alongside active industry professionals. Our collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to your education inspires a well-rounded appreciation of the arts. We ensure our class sizes remain small, both online and on campus, so instructors can provide you with the personalized attention needed to excel in a fine arts career.

Mission and Vision for Fine Arts Programs


The College of Fine Arts and Production endeavors to create an environment that challenges you to excel in class work as well as in your performance opportunities. Our faculty members strive to imbue you with the tools to create, analyze, lead and teach through the eventual mastery of your chosen disciplines.


Bringing dreams to life throughout fine arts and design.

Every person has their own unique style of acting, so to try and perform with someone who has a complete opposite acting style than you makes every scene a challenge.

Kaylah Kermode, B.A. in Theatre and Drama

GCU and One Foundation

One Foundation is an initiative to integrates our Christian worldview into the academic environment at GCU, for the purpose of honoring God, serving our neighbors and infusing purpose into preparation for artistic careers.

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Fine Arts Degrees

Earn a degree that allows you to express your creativity by exploring our fine arts degree programs. From digital design and film to dance and theatre, we offer programs that help you find your purpose.

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HLC Accreditation

The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) has continually accredited GCU since 1968. The College of Fine Arts and Production shares the university's commitment to upholding the principles and standards established by our accrediting bodies.

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Educational Alliances

GCU partners with organizations and associations to promote higher education and vocational skills training. Collectively, we are able to provide college-focused programs and professional development opportunities to youth and working adults.

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